Doublestar "Rare Earth Gold" tires officially rolled out

20 December 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

On December 4, Doublestar "Rare Earth Gold" tire was launched, offering the latest technological achievements created by the new Doublestar to the global users and society. This move quickly attracted great attention from the industry, society and customers, who expressed great interest in the new rubber compound material "rare earth gold" and "rare earth gold" tire of Doublestar, praising "rare earth is not earth. On December 17, when everyone was looking forward to it, Doublestar "Rare Earth Gold" tires were officially launched!

Rare earth is not earth, "rare earth gold" surpasses "gold"

What is rare earth in the end? Some people mistakenly think it is a special kind of soil because of its name. In fact, rare earth is the general name of lanthanide, scandium and yttrium elements in the periodic table of chemical elements, and its most important function is to significantly improve the quality and performance of other products, forming a variety of new materials and other materials with different characteristics, so it is called the "mother of new industrial materials". Among these rare earth elements, neodymium (chemical symbol Nd, one of the lanthanide elements) plays an important role in the rare earth field and influences the rare earth market.

The new rubber compound material "Rare Earth Gold" developed by Double Star is a new material made by using the special formula of Neodymium-based paraben rubber + natural rubber + high performance carbon black, and adopting a special mixing process. This material has the advantages of regular chain structure, good linearity, high average molecular weight, adjustable molecular weight distribution, and low glass transition temperature, better flexibility, high strength, flex resistance, low heat generation, resistance to wet and slippery, etc. The tires produced by applying "rare earth gold" rubber compound have "four super and one high" characteristics of super safety, super fuel saving, super wear resistance, super low heat generation and high mileage, which have great economic and social benefits. Therefore, "rare earth gold" is beyond "gold". At present, "rare earth gold" rubber composite material has undergone a lot of tests and trials to verify its low rolling resistance and high wear resistance characteristics, and the production process has matured, with the technical advantages of large-scale application and great market prospects.

With five years of hard work, Double Star has not only developed the new material "Rare Earth Gold" which is beyond "gold", but also designed and produced the international leading TBR with this material + FZW (Full Zero Winding) technology + unique tread pattern. "Rare earth gold" tire.

Wang Chuansheng, director of Qingdao University of Science and Technology Tire Advanced Equipment and Key Materials National Engineering Laboratory, said that the "rare earth gold" tires from the identification results, its rolling resistance coefficient can reach 3.8-4.5, mileage can reach 500,000 km, while the carcass is good enough to be retreaded twice, the technology is mature, and tire performance is excellent, which can not only reduce the operating cost of car owners, but also has great social benefits. He hopes that Doublestar Tire can make further efforts, continue to innovate and lead the technical innovation of the tire industry.

The person in charge of a truck fleet in Qingdao port of Shandong port said that the "rare earth gold" tires have been tested jointly with Doublestar during the development period, and the fuel consumption of vehicles with "rare earth gold" tires has been significantly reduced, and they are also more wear-resistant than normal tires. This is a great help to our company to improve vehicle operating efficiency and reduce fuel costs, I hope that this tire will be available in bulk as soon as possible, we can also replace other operating vehicles on.

Chen Baopeng, general manager of a tire dealer in Weifang, immediately contacted the relevant sales personnel of Doublestar to understand the situation after seeing the advent of Doublestar "rare earth gold" tire. He said that he has cooperated with Shuangxing for many years, and Shuangxing is a reliable big brand. At present, the market demand for high-end tubeless tires is expanding, the release of "rare earth gold" tires makes dealers very much look forward to it. They expect to bring a strong pull to their sales through "rare earth gold" tires!

Four super and one high, seven all-inclusive

According to the relevant personnel of Doublestar Tire, the off-line "rare earth gold" tire is mainly produced for the medium and long-distance trucks and buses first according to the needs of the market. Compared with the same type of ordinary tires, the tire has "four super & one high" unique advantages. At the same time, in order to solve the user's worries, "rare earth gold" tires are granted with the world's first "seven all-inclusive" worry-free service.

The so-called "four super and one high" that is "super safety, super fuel saving, super wear resistance, super low heat generation, and high mileage". "Super safety", Doublestar "rare earth gold" tires using FZW (full zero winding) technology, effectively improve the tire circumferential rigidity, anti-pressure, anti-burst, reduce tire deformation, improve grip performance, to achieve effective braking; "super fuel saving ", the tire application of "rare earth gold" rubber compound, about 10% less fuel than ordinary tires, to achieve low rolling resistance, super fuel-saving; "super wear-resistant", the tire adopts FZW technology + " Rare earth gold" material, effectively reduce tire deformation, reduce hysteresis, to achieve super wear resistance; "ultra-low heat generation", using "rare earth gold" material to effectively reduce tire heat generation; "high Mileage", using the above technology "rare earth gold" guide tires, new tires can reach 500,000 kilometers, 2 retreads can reach 1 million kilometers.

At the same time, with the leading edge in intelligent manufacturing, long-term experience in supporting mainstream car manufacturers, and the quality assurance system established in accordance with the standards of world-class enterprises, coupled with the excellent performance of "rare earth gold" tires and leading technology, Doublestar broke the industry conventions and launched "seven all inclusive" services. The "seven all-inclusive" is a worry free service for the whole life cycle of products such as tire symptoms, use safety, loss of work delay, wear warranty, etc. on the basis of the traditional three guarantees service of tire repair, replacement and return.

Since 2014, Doublestar has closed all the old factories and eliminated all the backward production capacity through intelligent transformation, and built the first whole-process "Industry 4.0" intelligent factory in the global tire industry, building "R&D 4.0 " + "Industry 4.0" + "Service 4.0" industrial Internet ecosystem, known as "the leader of China's tire intelligent manufacturing". Doublestar's "Industry 4.0" factory integrates the world's most advanced information and communication technology, digital control technology and intelligent equipment technology, featuring product customization, factory interconnection and production flexibility, realizing six intelligent functions of intelligent customization, intelligent scheduling, intelligent feeding, intelligent testing, intelligent storage and intelligent evaluation. The production efficiency has increased nearly three times and the defective rate of products has been reduced by more than 80%.

Since 2020, Doublestar has embarked on a new journey of "three ventures to create a world-class enterprise". Doublestar will focus on the three main industries of rubber tires, artificial intelligence and high-end equipment, green ecological high-end new materials and model innovation, to make Doublestar a high-tech, digital and socially responsible world-class enterprise as soon as possible!

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