DXS Launches Large-Scale High-Efficiency Mixer Series

22 December 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

On December 16, Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. (short as DRPM) held a new product review meeting for large high-efficiency internal mixers. Many tire industry experts and representatives of famous tire enterprises witnessed the innovative R&D achievements of new products such as XMN-580+XMN-1000 series internal mixer and the first set of 650L mixer in China.

The large and high-efficiency internal mixer series launched this time is the result of the high starting point innovation of DRPM based on decades of experience in the development of internal mixers, catering to the development of the industry and market demand, which can be selected according to the actual needs of users and different needs of rubber making process. The outstanding performance has been widely recognized by the market.

The XMN-580+XMN-1000 series internal mixer has outstanding advantages in energy consumption and rubber performance improvement, realizing low-temperature refining to meet the low rolling resistance tire rubber processing, improving rubber dispersion and uniformity, more suitable for green tire high mixing and large-scale production needs. It has been verified that the number of mixing sections is effectively shortened by 0.7~2 sections, the production efficiency is increased by more than 30% and the energy consumption is reduced by more than 40%.

The first set of 650L large-scale high-efficiency internal mixer in China has optimized the flow channel structure through simulation model to strengthen the cooling effect, resulting in larger volume and higher production efficiency. In the national "carbon peak" "carbon neutral" major strategic decision-making deployment, large high-efficiency equipment can meet the user's demand for production capacity under peak electricity consumption, while reducing the user's manufacturing costs in terms of labor, plant layout, equipment investment, etc.

In recent years, DRPM has adhered to taking market demand as the leader, taking user demand as the guide, continuously promoting product optimization and upgrading with scientific and technological innovation, focusing on the technological innovation goal of "energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and intelligence", strengthening the core technology research and market application promotion of large and high-efficiency dense refining machines, forming product serialization, standardization and intelligence, in order to meet the development needs of the green tire industry and help China's rubber industry move to the forefront of the world rubber industry.

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