Derek 10,000T of CTP project starts in Dongying

28 December 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

The picture shows Wang Wenbo, chairman and general manager of Shandong Yanggu Huatai Chemical Co., Ltd. (stock code 300121), the parent company of Derek, and Yang Limin, secretary of the party committee and director of the New Materials Industrial Park of Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, signing the project launch text.

Recently, the signing ceremony for the launching of the 36000 ton rubber chemicals project of Shandong Derek New Materials Co., Ltd. was held.

From the start-up text, we learned that this is the third phase of Derek's construction project, mainly building 10,000 tons of rubber anti-scorching agent, accelerator NS and DZ varieties.

According to Wang Wenbo, Yanggu Huatai rubber anti-scorching agent is a "single champion product", and its market share has long occupied an important position in the world. The construction of the 10,000-ton project will continue to consolidate the company's market position in anti-scorching agent products and ensure the long-term stable supply for global customers.

In addition, the company has the green production process technology of rubber accelerator M and its co-production of NS, and has been industrialized. The main purpose of launching rubber accelerator DZ is to improve the company's accelerator industrial system and improve the accelerator industry chain. The project will adopt the most advanced, greenest and most energy-saving production technology to realize the environmental protection of the product, which has a good market foundation and broad prospects.

It is reported that the project has already obtained the energy-saving report review opinion, laying the foundation for the next step to focus on promoting the construction work, and the project is expected to be put into operation in the second half of 2023.

Since its establishment in December 2010, Shandong Derek New Materials Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in the field of rubber chemicals, anchoring the rubber industry chain, continuously developing and innovating, broadening the market and enhancing its competitiveness. The first phase of "45,000 tons/year rubber chemicals project" and the second phase of "40,000 tons/year high performance rubber chemicals project" have been put into operation.

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