Hubei Linglong's 2nd phase project goes into production, 3rd phase project starts

31 December 2021 | Source from China Rubber Web

On December 29, Hubei Linglong Phase II project went into production and Phase III project launch ceremony was held in Jingmen, and Linglong Tire's "7+5" strategic layout once again made critical progress.

On December 15, the first all-steel tire of phase I of Jilin Linglong Tire Co., Ltd, the fifth production base of Linglong Tire in China and the seventh production base in the world, was successfully rolled out. Within half a month, Linglong achieved strategic results in Changchun and Jingmen production bases, which is a strong testimony of the company's steady progress and firm promotion of the "7+5" strategic layout.

In this regard, Chairman Wang Feng said in his speech that with the completion of the layout of the production bases, the company will speed up the construction of the project, with a green and environmentally friendly automated, digital and intelligent factory, to export higher quality products to the market and enhance the overall competitiveness of the company!
I. Intelligent production base to build high quality products and enhance market share

As the fourth production base built by Linglong in China, Hubei Linglong project has a total investment of 5.4 billion RMB and is planned to be built in three phases, with an annual production capacity of 12 million high-performance passenger and light truck radial tires, 2.4 million truck and bus radial tires and 60,000 engineering tires after full completion, which can achieve an annual sales revenue of more than 5 billion RMB after reaching production.

On July 6, 2018, Hubei Linglong project was launched, and in more than three years, it has completed the two major feats of putting into production the first phase project and the second phase project, creating a "Linglong model" with high standard, high quality and fast construction.

On this basis, the third phase project was launched at the same time when the second phase was put into production, and the construction of 100,000 tons per year bead steel wire project was planned, the investment of the third phase and steel wire project is close to 1 billion, further optimizing the layout of Hubei Linglong industrial structure.

In January 2021, Hubei Linglong's "High Performance Radial Tire Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line" was selected as one of the "2020 Hubei Intelligent Manufacturing Projects". In January 2021, Hubei Linglong's "High Performance Radial Tire Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line" was selected as a pilot demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing in Hubei Province in 2020.

II. Firmly promote the "7+5" strategic layout to fully cover 7 regions in China

In 2021, against the background of difficult survival environment of tire enterprises, Linglong Tire adjusted "6+6" to "7+5" strategic global layout, and planned to build the sixth and seventh production bases in Tongchuan, Shaanxi and Hefei, Anhui, showing its confidence and determination in the medium and long-term strategy. This shows the confidence and determination of medium and long-term strategy.

Up to now, all seven production bases of Linglong in China have been planned. From the perspective of location, the seven production bases in China form a comprehensive coverage of North China, South China, Central China, Southwest China, Northwest China, Northeast China and East China. With the completion of the construction of each production base, the company will form the best service radius to match with the automobile factories, significantly improve the delivery efficiency, reduce the logistics cost, and create globalization, regionalization and localization of R&D, management, manufacturing, marketing, operation and service.

III. Actively participate in public welfare activities and win together with local economy

At the same time of high quality and rapid development, Hubei Linglong actively participates in public welfare activities, joins hands with the local economy to win together, and shares the same breath and fate with local people. During the epidemic of Xinguan, the company donated 5 million yuan to Wuhan and Jingmen Red Cross Society to support the prevention and control of the epidemic; provided free tire rescue service for the construction vehicles of Huoshenshan Hospital; and issued 2 billion more for the construction of Hubei Linglong projects. At the time of crisis, it showed the style of a big enterprise and received thank-you letters from Wuhan and Jingmen.

Hubei is located in the hinterland of central China and Yangtze River economic belt, which has gathered major automobile brands. At present, Hubei Linglong products have provided supporting services for Dongfeng Group and other automobile factories. With the full production of the first and second phase projects and the acceleration of the third phase project, the company will serve the major auto plants and retail customers in Hubei and the surrounding provinces and cities more efficiently with better quality products, deepen the market in central China and further increase the local market share.

As a key project in Jingmen new energy vehicle industry chain, Wang Qiyang, Secretary of Jingmen Municipal Committee, He Ping, Member of Standing Committee of Jingmen Municipal Committee and Secretary General of Municipal Committee, Lei Hua, Member of Party Group and Vice Mayor of Jingmen Municipal People's Government, Zhou Junjie, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Jingmen High-tech Zone and Secretary of Duodao District Committee, Wang Wei, Deputy Secretary of Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of Management Committee of Jingmen High-tech Zone, Deputy Secretary of Duodao District Committee and Mayor of District, as well as representatives of Linglong dealers and Media attended the ceremony site.

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