Chambroad Sinopoly New Year's offer, new generation of BIIR launched on New Year's Day!

04 January 2022 | Source from China Rubber Web

New year new weather, new year new experience, new generation of bromobutyl rubber is officially launched. Chambroad Sinopoly keeps pace with the transformation of new and old dynamic energy, builds a new pattern of development and accelerates the transformation and upgrading from traditional petroleum refining to high-end new materials. The construction of two sets of bromobutyl rubber units, which were listed as key projects in Shandong Province in 2019, was completed and officially put into operation and going to the market.

Official announcement on the new year's day, formal launch

On January 1, 2022, Chambroad Sinopoly held a ceremony to launch the products of the second set of bromobutyl rubber plant, in which Ren Xuebin, director and general manager of Chambroad Sinopoly, Wang Yanjin, deputy general manager, Wang Feng, deputy general manager, Wang Xiaohai, technical general manager, Zheng Hongbing, director of Rubber Research Institute and other leaders and staff representatives participated. At the same time, the representative of the partner Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group Co., Ltd. is specially invited to attend.

At present, the first vehicle of the second set of brominated butyl rubber unit of Chambroad Sinopoly has been sent to Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group Co., Ltd. The representitive of Yongsheng Group shared the experience of using the new generation of bromobutyl rubber. He said: Shandong Yongsheng Group and Chambroad Sinopoly have been cooperating and researching for a long time in the application of high quality tires of bromobutyl rubber, and have maintained a close cooperation relationship. This time, Yongsheng Group is also honored to be the first to use the "new generation of bromobutyl rubber products" of Chambroad Sinopoly! After our strict product inspection, the products were qualified and stable, and the tires were successfully produced in one trial!

After that, Ren Xuebin announced the official launch of the new generation of bromobutyl rubber and carried out the unveiling ceremony together with our partners, and the new generation of bromobutyl rubber has officially embarked on a new journey since today. In the new year, Chambroad Sinopoly will continue to provide you with visible fivefold stability (stable quality, stable supply, stable production, stable technology and stable process).

New experience and upgraded stability

The second set of bromobutyl rubber plant is the first production line adopting polymer direct dissolution (PDD) technology in China, which achieves uniform and stable product quality from the process and can run for a longer production cycle, significantly improving the polymerization reaction cycle, coalescing kettle operation cycle, reducing switching and improving stability. The wide molecular weight distribution of the product improves the processing performance, better filler dispersion, and improved mechanical properties, which enhances the performance of the rubber and is more conducive to processing. The product is purer, the cleanliness is improved, the aging resistance of the product is better, and the life cycle of the product is extended.

Scientific research support and technical breakthrough

Compared with the double rubber solution (DSS) technology commonly used in China, the PDD technology eliminates the coalescence flash process after the polymerization reaction and directly dissolves the homogenization, which improves the stability of the products and reduces the production of waste water from the source, making it more environmentally friendly. In addition, the reactor and equipment of the new production line are optimized and improved, and the performance of the product is improved from the design of equipment, so that the quality of domestic bromobutyl rubber is raised to another level.

Working together to prevent the epidemic and resume work

The construction of bromobutyl rubber plant in the era of epidemic is full of uncertainties and difficulties. Some imported equipment could not arrive on time, which seriously restricted the project progress. Tests and challenges coexist, and every seed that has survived winter has a dream about spring. Domestic production instead of imports, technical cooperation with domestic manufacturers, and joint development of new technologies, both to solve the project schedule problems, but also to bring development opportunities for domestic equipment manufacturers. The experience of technology exploration and technical reform of the original bromobutyl rubber plant is integrated into the new project. Combined with foreign technology, more than 300 optimizations of large and small size have been made on the original process package, and through innovation and optimization again, energy and material consumption have been reduced and product stability has been improved. The bromobutyl rubber produced after the production has been put into operation can effectively fill the gap of domestic high-performance bromobutyl rubber and improve the self-sufficiency rate of domestic products.

Cut through thorns to see the "green" future

Chambroad Sinopoly deepens the layout of high-end new materials from product chain and industry chain, develops from bromobutyl rubber to special function-enhanced series rubber, and from single rubber raw material to rubber composite material solution; integrates the advantages of industry association information resources, and uses the technical resources of cooperating universities and scientific research platforms to form a new type of cooperation body to realize the integrated development of production, study and research. We will take the responsibility of high-quality development of rubber industry and provide stable and green rubber materials for customers.

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