Sinochem Sennics's high-end antioxidant S-TMQ project completes

14 January 2022 | Source from China Rubber Web

On January 10, Sinochem International Sennics Chemical high-end antioxidant S-TMQ project was officially completed and produced in Sennics, Shandong Province, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons.

General Manager of Sinochem International, Chairman of Sennics Chemical Liu Hongsheng, CFO of Sinochem International Qin Jinke, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem International, CEO of Sennics Chemical Su Fu and other relevant persons in charge of the company, Secretary of Heze Municipal Party Committee Zhang Xinwen, Vice Mayor of Heze Cao Shengling, Vice Chairman of Heze CPPCC Zhang Qianshan, Secretary of Cao County Party Committee Zhao Fulong, Deputy Secretary of Cao County Party Committee and Acting County Magistrate Meng Lingxuan attended the project completion and production launch ceremony together.

Liu Hongsheng said, Sinochem International is responsible for the transformation and upgrading of China's fine chemical industry, and the completion of the project will help Sinochem International to improve the modernization of the industrial chain and supply chain, lead the way to build an advanced "industrial chain" and "original technology" in China's fine chemical industry. The project will help Sinochem International to improve the modernization level of industrial chain and supply chain, lead to build advanced "industrial chain" and "original technology" ecosystem of Chinese fine chemical industry, and refine the core ability of "industrial chain length".

Cao Shengling said that Sinochem International Sennics Chemical high-end antioxidant S-TMQ project will further help Heze City strengthen the industrial development in the field of fine chemicals, implement the innovation-driven strategy, promote the overall leap of the high-end chemical industry chain, and provide a strong guarantee for Heze City to achieve high-quality economic and social development.

S-TMQ is a general-purpose quinoline-type antioxidant with excellent anti-thermal and oxygen aging performance in the rubber industry. It has the characteristics of strong anti-vulcanization reduction, low volatility and low pollution in vulcanized rubber products, and its effective body content is significantly higher than that of TMQ, which has excellent anti-aging effect.

The research and industrialization of Sinochem International Sennics Chemical's high-end anti-aging agent S-TMQ project has independent intellectual property rights, and the technology level and product quality are among the leading ones in the world, reducing "three wastes" and making an important contribution to the green and sustainable development of China's fine chemical industry. The project has won the third prize of China Sinochem Science and Technology Progress Award, the third prize of Shandong Science and Technology Award, the first prize of Heze City Science and Technology Award, and has been listed in the National Development and Reform Commission's "Petrochemical Green Process List (2021)". The project is expected to have an output of 20,000 tons, which will help Sennics Chemical further improve its industrial layout, enrich its product structure, enhance its competitive advantages in the market, and pursue a green, low-carbon and high-quality development path.

Shandong Sennics is the largest production base in the world under Sennics Chemical, and is also a key industrial base for Sennics Chemical. Cao County of Heze City, where Shandong Sennics is located, takes high-end chemicals as the main engine to "take the lead and achieve high-quality development". Next, Sennics Chemical will invest in the construction of clean coal to hydrogen and industry chain extension project in Cao County of Heze City, which will add 225,000 tons of production capacity and more than 700 new jobs after completion.

Su Fu said that in the future, Sennics Chemical will continue to base on the field of fine chemicals, based on high precision specialty chemicals, polymer additives and core intermediates, to build a new high precision specialty chemicals industrial base in Shandong Sennics that is environment-friendly and resource-saving, and to inject more power and vitality into the green transformation of chemical industry in Heze.

Meng Lingxuan said that the county government of Cao County will, as always, support Shandong Sennics to speed up its development, help the enterprise coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in development, make every effort to create a first-class business environment and escort the development of the enterprise.

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