Jinneng Science and Technology Listed Among First Group of National-level Green Factories

25 December 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

Jinneng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was listed among 201 “Green Factories” in the first green manufacturing demonstration list 2017 issued by Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on September 20, which indicates that Jinneng has already kept ahead in green manufacturing.

As a production enterprise of coke, carbon black, sorbic acid (potassium), white carbon black, Para-cresol and the like, from the first date of its incorporation, Jinneng Science and Technology has always adhered to the cyclic development ideas of “efficient utilization of resources, green and low-carbon” and persisted in and practiced the principles of “different products from the peers and different techniques for same products” so as to build a unique “3+3” industry chain of circular economy. The gas turbine generates electricity by using raw coke-oven gas, which is firstly initiated by Jinneng in this industry and for which Jinneng has been awarded a national patent. The off-gas after electricity generation is recycled for secondary cogeneration, which fills a domestic gap in China and for which Jinneng has also been awarded a national innovation patent. With its efficiency reaching up to 71.42% and an annual reduction of 600,000 tons of carbon dioxide, Jinneng was conferred the “International Cogeneration Award” jointly by US Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. 


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