Haida Group Successfully Developed ST All-steel Tires for Recreational Vehicle

25 December 2017 | Source from China Rubber Journal

Lately, Sichuan Haida Rubber Group Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the research, trial-produce and mass production of new all-steel tire products used for recreational vehicle with 3 categories of tread pattern. These tires have been exported to US market and are very well accepted by local customers.

Based on the requirements of recreational vehicle customers on tire safety, riding comfort, load bearing, fuel saving, etc., as for the tread pattern, Haida takes the design of linear variable pitch and low noise to manufacture products with low noise and small rolling resistance. In the aspect of structure design, Haida introduces new high-strength tire wire cord with a smaller diameter, which improves the load-carrying property and produces tires with better cushion performance for sidewall, lighter weight and smaller rolling resistance. For the formulation design, Haida uses all-natural rubber, which makes the products environment-friendly and outstanding in wear-resisting property. As for the technical process control, Haida focuses on the dynamic balance and uniform influence factors on products and places emphasis as well as inspection and control on such aspects as symmetry of components in preparatory process, positioning of components and distribution of joint in the forming process, centering of tire in moulding during vulcanization process.

To prevent defective products that have invisible bubbles from entering the market, Haida has imported a set of ZEISS holographic bubble testing machine from Germany. This machine finds and controls the products with invisible bubbles through negative-pressure undamage perspective imaging detection, which guarantees the product quality to a greater extent. Upon detection, all products have excellent performance. 


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