Science and Technology Award and Patent Award of China’s Petrochemical Industry were Publicized

14 October 2020 | Source from China Rubber Journal
On August 5, the projects accepted for Science and Technology Award and Industry Patent Award of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in 2020 started to be publicized, with the publicity period as 30 days, see details in Table 1-3 (the completing person is omitted) 


Among it, 78 projects were publicized for Technical Innovation Award, including 9 projects in rubber tire industry; 412 projects were publicized for Scientific and Technological Progress Award, including 11 projects in rubber tire industry.

8 recommended candidates were publicized for 2020 Zhao Yonghao Science and Technology Innovation Award, Zhang Liqun from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Wang Chuansheng from Qingdao University of Science and Technology were shortlisted.

Table 1: Publicity of Projects Accepted for 2020 Technical Innovation Award

Serial No. Project name and completing unit
1 Functional Design and Industrialization of SSBR Structure for Thread of Safe and Energy-saving Green Tire
SINOPEC Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Linglong Tire
2 Development of Synthetic Rubber Liquid Phase Mixing New Technology and Application in Green Tire EVE, ECOMBINE, Sailun Group

Key Technology of Eucommea Rubber Processing and Application in Aircraft Tire 
Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, T-RUBBE, No. 4 Military Delegates’ Office of Air Force Shenyang Area

4 Key Technology and Equipment for Production of Ten Thousand Tons of Halogenated IIR Tsinghua University, Zhejiang CENWAY
5 Creation, Making and Application of High-performance Terephthalic Acid Metal-Organic Frameworks Changzhou University, Jiangsu ATE, Kemaite New Materials
6 Development and Industrial Application of Preparation Technology of High-precision Magnetic Composite Functional Materials
Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Qingdao SENSECO, Tsingking, Qingdao Changyu
7 Key Technology and Industrialization of Filling Auxiliary for Rubber Prepared with Oil Sludge in Oil Field Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Zhongyuan Oilfield Institute of Petroleum Engineering Technology, Shengli Oilfield Jindao Industrial

Supercritical Foaming and Industrialization of Elastomer Materials
Qingdao University of Science and Technology

9 Synthesis of High-cis Oriented Rare Earth Catalyst and Development of Rare Earth Butyl Butyl Rubber CNPC Petrochemical Research Institute, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences

Table 2: Publicity of Projects Accepted for 2020 Scientific and Technological Progress Award

Serial No. Project name and completing unit
1 Research and Making of Tires Tested According to 225/60R16 97S Standard Triangle Tire
2 Production Process and Manufacturing Technology of Giant Radial Tire 59/80R63 for Ultra-large Dump Trucks in the Mines 
Fujian Hai’an, Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry
3 Key Technology of High-precision Intelligent Efficient Pull Rod-type Tire Vulcanizer and Its Application SINOARP (Suzhou), Suzhou University
4 Development and Industrialization of New Process Intensification Technology of P-phenylenediamine Antioxidant
Sennics, Anhui Sennics
5 Manufacturing Method of New Rubber Sulfur Accelerator MBT Henan Kailun Chemical
6 Application of Flexible Composite High-pressure Conveyor Belt and Polymer Material Yanchang Petroleum Northwest Rubber
7 R&D and Industrialization of High-performance Modified Functional Bonding Resin for Green Tire Jiangsu CheeShine, Shanghai Cheeshine, Suzhou Cheeshine
8 Replication and Application of Butadiene Rubber, SCR Mooney Viscosity National Standard Substance CNPC Petrochemical Research Institute
9 Production Technological Process and Application of SSBR RC2557 Series Products for High-performance Tires
Dushanzi Petrochemical
10 R&D and Industrialization of High-gas-barrier New Synthetic Rubber for Tires Shandong Dawn
11 Development and Application of Gas Shield Rubber Dam
Tieling Erfan, Shenyang Huada R and D Center of Polymer Materials, Jianghe Mechanical & Electrical

Table 3: Publicity of Projects Accepted for 2020 “Patent Award of Petroleum and Chemical Industry”

Patent No. Patent name Patentee
ZL201210131534.9 Rubber Composition for Tread of Fuel-saving Semi-steel Radial Tires Triangle Tire Co., Ltd.
ZL201611016370.X A Modified Terpene Phenol Resin and Its Preparation Method and Its Application in Tire Tread Rubber JiangSu CheeShine Performance Materials Co.,Ltd

52 recommended candidates were publicized for 2020 Award for Youth Outstanding Contribution to Science and Technology, Tian Hongchi from Shandong Dawn Polymer Co. Ltd. was shortlisted.

90 projects were publicized for Patent Award, in which 2 projects in rubber tire industry were shortlisted.


6 Rubber Projects Won Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Shandong Province

On Shandong Province Scientific and Technological Innovation Conference held on July 2, 6 achievements in rubber tire industry of Linglong, Double Star, Fengyuan, etc. won the Third Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Shandong Province

The six projects winning Scientific and Technological Progress Award are respectively:

Project of “Application of National Standards such as GB/T 21910 Testing Method of Slippery Road Relative Grip Performance of Passenger Car Tire” completed by Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd.;

Project of “Development and Industrialization Application of Key Technology of Puncture-resistant and Flame-resistant Tire” completed by Qingdao Double Star Tire Co., Ltd. and Qingdao University of Science and Technology;

Project of “New Technology and Application of Green Intelligent Low-temperature One-off Mixing Based on Polymer Cracking Mechanism” completed by Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd., TTA Tire Technology Alliance and Qingdao University of Science and  Technology;

Project of “Research and Application of Key Technology of High-strength Thin Energy-saving Aramid Fiber Conveyor Belt” completed by Yankuang Group Tangcun Industry Co., Ltd. and Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited;

Project of “Development and Industrialization of Magnetic Special-Function Viscoelastic Material” completed by Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Qingdao Shengke Materials Co., Ltd., Qingdao Tsingking Development Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Changyu Group;

Project of “Preparation and Industrialization of Biomass Silicon Carbon/HZMMA Synergetic Enhancement HNBR” completed by Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Dongying Baihua Oil Technology Development Co., Ltd.


2 Rubber Projects were Included the Publicity List of Henan Science and Technology Award

On August 5, the projects passing the online review of 2020 Henan Province Science and Technology Award began to be publicized, two projects of rubber industry of Willing and Litong Science were included.

“One Method of Preparing Rubber Vulcanizing Accelerator DM with Oxygen Method” was nominated for Science and Technology Progress Award, which was completed by Willing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

“Key Technology and Industrialization of Hydrogen Sulfide and Pulse-Resistant Ultra-high Pressure Oil Drilling and Production Hose” was nominated for Science and Technology Progress Award, which was completed by Luohe Litong Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

The projects publicized this time include 381 projects for Natural Science Award, Technological Invention Award and Science and Technology Progress Award.


Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award was Published, 2 Rubber Projects Won the Award

On July 17, Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Award Conference was held in Hangzhou, 1 achievement of rubber industry won the Second Prize and the Third Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award respectively.

The project “Development of WDZ EPDM Profiled Bar Product and Equipment” jointly developed by Taizhou University, Zhejiang Baina Rubber and Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang XingYu Auto Parts Inc. won the Second Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award. This project aimed at the problems of poor compatibility between flame retardant and matrix and failure in realizing smoke  suppression and flame retardancy and enhancement  during flame retardancy modification of EPDM to independently develop the intumescent flame retardant functional hydrotalcite flame retardant and smoke suppressant, designed new technology suitable for EPDM flame retardancy and smoke suppression modification, obtained high-performance  WDZ EPDM profiled bar series products for automobile sealing strips and relevant profiled bars, and won the proprietary intellectual property rights of the new process.

The project “R&D and Industrialization of Automobile Glass Guide Sealing Strip Technology” developed by JX Zhao’s GROUP COGP won the Third Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award. Through constant design and optimization, CAE simulation analysis, trial production and debugging, inspection and testing comparison in the aspects of the product such as technological formula, section structure, material design and process route planning, it developed odorless environmental protection formula and six compound co-extrusion process, the matrix EPDM material adopted TPV material for adjacent angles, two different coating materials are co-extruded for shaping. Industrialization, promotion and application of the new technologies such as coating co-extrusion process, integrated structure by one-shot injection forming of bright strip, inserts, glass and triangular window strip and guide sealing strip and bright strip achieved good economic benefits, and won 2 national invention patents and 6 utility model patents, and its key technical indexes better than those in the same industry in China.


First Rubber Industry Equipment Vocal Print Library Started to be Built

On July 8, Sailun Group and the wholly-owned subsidiary of iFLY TEK signed a strategic cooperative agreement. The leading enterprises in the tire industry and artificial intelligence industry will join hands to build the AI Joint Innovation Center in rubber industry and explore the new application of artificial intelligence (AI) in rubber industry by jointly building the domestic first rubber industry equipment vocal print library.

What is rubber industry equipment vocal print library? Zhu Xiaobing, vice president of Sailun Group, explained: “This is a system making the silent machines speak. As for the problems examined artificially before, with vocal print library, the machines can examine by themselves, “speak” out after finding the problems and even predict the fault and service life through slight change of equipment operation sound.”

The production mode of rubber tire industry is complex, and there exist the difficult problems such as numerous types of production equipment, numerous data collection points, large difference in control systems and complex and non-universal communication protocol. Through this cooperation, Sailun Group will take advantage of the acoustic core technology accumulated by iFLY TEK over 20 years, overally collect the equipment operation sounds, build a healthy vocal print model, carry out intelligent monitoring on the health status of the production equipment through multiple comprehensive means such as sound, assist the production equipment to produce the production of higher quality with the highest efficiency, best process and most stable working condition under the healthy status, and realize predictive maintenance, intelligent patrol, self-optimization of process parameters, etc. of the production equipment.

“Through indepth study of artificial intelligence, under the guidance of professional technical experts, analysis and modeling with big data will effectively lower the uncertainty of artificial judgement and make the equipment realize better online diagnosis and predictive maintenance. And construction of vocal print library will increase a powerful means for in-service re-manufacturing of the equipment.” Ding Mingyu, director of Manufacturing IT Information Department of Sailun Group.

It is learned that rubber industry equipment vocal print library is the first project deeply integrating artificial intelligence and industrial manufacturing after iFLY TEK Qingdao AI Industry Accelerating Center settled in West Coast as well as a trial of iFLY TEK to deploy joint innovation of large enterprises in Qingdao.

Sailun Group officially published “Rubber Chain Cloud” industrial Internet platform in June. This platform can realize interconnectivity of over 99% equipment, with the collection points at the million level and the growth of annual data collection reaching over 4.5 billion units. In the future, Sailun Group and iFLY TEK will carry out indepth cooperation in the aspects such as healthy management of the equipment, quality and process optimization and monitoring and early warning of safety production to provide powerful technical support for long-term development of “Rubber Chain Cloud”.  


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