Innovation leads future, hot launch of Doublestar "all explosion-proof" safety tires

06 January 2022 | Source from China Rubber Web

On January 4, the world's first Doublestar "Full Explosion-proof" safety tire, which has attracted much attention from users, was launched! The launch conference was held simultaneously in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and more than 300 important dealers and guests from all over the world participated in the live online and offline activities. The atmosphere at the event was warm and hot, and all orders for the first half of the year were confirmed.

Popular decryption: "magic" support, benefit "all sentient beings"

In December last year, Doublestar "full explosion-proof" safety tire production line, quickly attracted the attention of the industry and users. As the world's first explosion-proof tire that ordinary passenger car owners can also choose to use, Doublestar "full explosion-proof" safety tires are praised as "magic" support, benefit "all sentient beings".

Double star "all explosion-proof" safety tire is a new design concept and air shortage protection tire. It adopts "safort" and "magic" support technology, AFB (air flow breaking) pattern silencing technology, as well as special formula, technology and process. It can not only be used as an alternative to the ordinary flat tires, but also can be applied to ordinary passenger cars, solving the pain point that many non-explosion-proof passenger car users cannot use explosion-proof tires.

Liu Guangqin, general manager of a tire dealer in Xiangyang, said that there is no explosion-proof tire in China that can be used for both ordinary vehicles and vehicles with original explosion-proof tires. Doublestar's "full explosion-proof" safety tires are the first in the world to break through the technical barrier that ordinary vehicles cannot use explosion-proof tires, bringing safety to the majority of vehicle owners, which is a remarkable invention. I have been selling tires for many years, and my friends often ask me whether explosion-proof tires can be used for ordinary cars. This time, I can finally give them a positive answer. If ordinary vehicles want to change explosion-proof tires, they should choose Double star "all explosion-proof" safety tires, which is safer and more worry-free.

Fazan Tariq, the distributor in Pakistan, said, "Our infrastructure is not perfect, the road condition is poor, ordinary tires often burst in the process of use, resulting in safety accidents. We have been looking for a solution, and Doublestar "Full Explosion-proof" safety tires have brought us a solution. We also hope that we can get the "full explosion-proof" safety tires as soon as possible, so as to bring good news to our customers.

If you love "him/her", change to Doublestar "Full Explosion-proof" safety tires

The "full explosion-proof" safety tire is mainly applicable to cars. Compared with the same type of ordinary tires, Doublestar "Full Explosion-proof" safety tires are more resistant to impact and scratch than ordinary tires, which can greatly reduce the possibility of vehicle rollover. At the same time, even in the state of zero tire pressure, can still continue to drive at a speed of 60km / h for 30 minutes, so it is convenient for users to go to the nearest repair point to replace the tire. Compared with the ordinary explosion-proof tires, Doublestar "full explosion-proof" safety tires are more fuel-efficient, quieter and more comfortable. At the same time, the non-electric vehicle can realize no spare tire, all-round reduce the user's driving costs.

According to Doublestar tire personnel, many users have contacted Doublestar through various channels, asking about the "full explosion-proof" safety tires, and expressed the hope to buy as soon as possible, for their own and their family's travel safety to add a layer of protection. Now, this much-anticipated tire products have been listed, and with the "seven packages of worry-free" service.


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