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Shandong Meichen Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Sun Peizhu, Standing Director of China Rubber Journal Council

Shandong Meichen Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a key national high-tech enterprise developing globally, which mainly engages in R&D, manufacture and sale of automobile suspension system, fluid pipe system, engineering plastics and related automobile parts. With strong R&D design and testing capability, precise total quality control capability and powerful product specialization and precision manufacturing capability, this company is committed to providing global industrial customers with world-class products and solutions and has become one of the internationally competitive companies among the industry.


Founded in 2004, Shandong Meichen Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011 and successfully entered environmental protection field and constituted the management pattern of “Double Businesses” with non-tire rubber products and landscaping in September 2014.


Shandong Meichen Science & Technology Co., Ltd. highly values technical innovation and already has 90 national patent technologies, including 10 patents for invention reaching international advanced level and its new fluorine and silicone rubber hose industrialization project being included in National Torch Plan. In 2014, the international standard ISO 17324:2014 Rubber Hoses for Automotive Turbochargers - Specification led and formulated by this company was officially released, making it the first company to lead and set an international industry standard in China. This standard lays an important foundation for Shandong Meichen Science & Technology in domestic industry and even in the world automotive turbocharged tube industry, accelerates the progress of energy conservation, emission reduction and green power for China’s automobile industry and leads the automobile rubber hose industry for scientific and technical environment protection and servicing the global automotive.


With the goals of Top 100 for global automotive parts industry and Top 50 for global non-tire, Shandong Meichen Science & Technology Co., Ltd. will soon develop into a world-class enterprise.


Address: West Side of North End of Dongwaihuan Road, Zhucheng City

Tel.: +86-0536-6085578

Fax: +86-0536-6320138         

Website: www.meichen.cc

E-mail: meichen@meichen.cc


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