Contribution Requirements

  1. The contribution shall be in clear writing, both Chinese and English available, with smooth statement, reliable data, clear and accurate charts by using international standard unit.
  2. The title shall be short and concise, striking key points of the whole article, attractive, and within 20 words.
  3. Figures shall be drawn under the current drafting standard. Lines and characters of all drafts (photos and drawings) shall be clear for computer scanning and plate-making.
  4. Company’s name mentioned in the article shall be in full name. English abbreviation shall be clarified with its full name when it first appears.

Contribution Notice

To ensure the quality of this magazine, make it convenient for us to contact with the author, shorten the revising time of author, and speed up the publication process, attentions shall be paid to the following requirements while authors contribute to this magazine:   

  • Please clarify the author’s basic information for us to contact with you. For any changes of your contact, please notify us in time. For the first time to contribute, the author shall attach your brief introduction at the end of the article, including the following information: name, date of birth, gender, working unit, contact address, zip code, job title, main research field, contact number and email address, etc.   
  • This magazine will review the contributed articles for three times: the first review, edit and final review, with reviewing period of 3 months or so. Once the contribution is adopted, we will contact with the author and deliver the payment and sample magazine to you; as there are so many contributed articles but limited editors, we don’t reply to the unused articles. If no reply is received 3 months after delivering (mailing) the contribution, the author can handle it by yourself.   
  • If articles contributed to this magazine will be contributed to other magazines, please notify the editorial department of this magazine, otherwise the author shall take full responsibility of “contributing one article to many publications”.   
  • Please keep the original manuscript by yourself. No matter adopted or not, the original contributed articles will not be returned.

Contribution Method

Email: Please clarify the author’s name and detailed contact information. 
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