Brief Introduction of China Rubber

China Rubber, hosted by the China Rubber Industry Association, is the key and core journal in the rubber industry. China Rubber, created in 1985, with domestic and overseas public release, covers 9 branches of rubber in rubber industry, 5 professional committees and nearly 10,000 enterprises and institutions of science and technology. Its range involves senior leaders, deciders and management personnel, engineering technicians and salesmen of rubber industry and related fields, as well as scientists and researchers, academics and college students occupying in research, teaching and application of rubber industry.

The main contents of China Rubber: explanation of policies and important news, issuing and analysis of industry status, supply of market information, report of scientific and technological achievements, introduction of management innovation cases and transfer of domestic and overseas industry dynamic.

The journal pays attention to the industry development, grasps policy orientation, highlights the emphasis of profession and gives consideration to the relevant industry; the journal is also the bridge and tie between government and enterprise, product and market as well as enterprise and enterprise and authoritative and guiding platform for information communication and mainstream issuing in the China Rubber industry.

Advantages of China Rubber:

  1. High creditworthiness: The journal hosted by the China Rubber Industry Association is fully responsible for the industry. The journal is also the key, comprehensive and core journal in the rubber industry.
  2. High speed of spread: Semimonthly (publishing on 5th and 20th of each month, RMB 10 for each journal and RMB 240 for 24 issues of the whole year.) can guarantee the delivery of business information and policy dynamic to customers in the first time.
  3. The journal with wide coverage and high attention is the sole English magazine in the current China Rubber industry and each issue is published to almost thousand of enterprises of America, Japan, Korea, Russia, Europe, Malaysia, India and Thailand as well as other countries and regions.
  4. Wide domestic coverage: The journal covers 9 big rubber professional branches, 5 professional committees and almost 10000 enterprises, scientific research institutions and schools and involves senior leaders, decision makers, managers, engineering technicians and marketing personnel of the rubber industry and relevant industries.
  5. Exact advertisement targeting: The journal is an authoritative and comprehensive media with newest, exactest and quickest information and development dynamic pressing close to enterprises in the rubber industry.
  6. Perfect service: The journal takes fully use of information resources of the association and highlights the information service support of advertisement and products.
  7. High rate of return: The journal insists on that the association shall serve industry and social function, widens the market to the greatest extent and pursues less input for more return.
  8. ①The journal achieved the second award of excellent journals of national petroleum and chemical industry in 2002 and 2006.
    ② The journal is recorded by CNKI.
    ③ The journal is recorded by Chinese Academic Journals (CD).
  9. Domestic Circulation: 10,000 copies for each issue; Overseas Circulation: 2,000 copies.


China Rubber Journal

CSSN: 11-3674/TQ

ISSN: 1009-5640

Circulation: 10,000+

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