Jilin Petrochem's EPR new product industrialization tests succeed

13 January 2022 | Source from China Rubber Web

On January 5, with the qualified specifications of X-3042 new grade product produced by Jilin Petrochemical Ethylene Propylene Rubber C unit, it marked the successful industrialization test of the new product for Ethylene Propylene Rubber extrusion profile of the company and the successful completion of the first grades switch of the unit in the year.

X-3042 grade is a new grade of EPDM rubber with high ethylene content, low mooney and medium ENB developed by Jilin Petrochemical to open the field of medium-voltage wire and cable and further increase the market share.

In the process of research and development, the researchers carried out in-depth market research, analyzed the electrical properties and mechanical properties of various grades of ethylene propylene rubber against the standard, conducted small trial polymerization research for many times, and after the samples were tested and qualified by relevant cable manufacturers, the control indexes such as metal ions of the product were finally determined and the production formula was refined to provide data support for industrial production.

The trial production was chosen to switch online at the end of the production of X-3070 grade, which not only met the polymerization process requirements of the new grade, but also improved the production efficiency of the device. During the preparation of the switchover, Jilin Petrochemical has organized many times to discuss the industrialization test program and improve the industrial production test content and schedule.

In view of the characteristics of this grade with low Menny and high ethylene content, the process formula and polymerization reaction process control conditions were strictly regulated, focusing on Al/V, P/E, H/E, the third monomer feed and other major control parameters such as regulation methods were explained in detail, and the first time to production plant managers, shift supervisors and shift personnel training handover, the implementation of responsibility to the person, the implementation of progress to the time point.

For the test process is prone to polymerization reaction temperature rise, pressure decrease faster and other problems affecting product odor, technical staff combined with R & D experience, analyze the causes one by one, process risk prediction in advance, develop contingency measures, and take equal proportion to reduce the amount of catalyst feed, appropriate to improve the compressor three-stage outlet pressure, forced heat transfer to the polymerization kettle and other effective ways to make online switching more secure.


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